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Is there a tree on your residential or commercial property that has decayed to the point where it is posing a safety risk to you, your family, your home, your business premises, your employees or your co-workers? Dead and decaying trees—or even trees that are largely healthy, but have unstable limbs—can be both a major safety hazard and a major liability risk. Old, tall trees are strong, made powerful by years of growth. However, long-term decay can render even the strongest trees unstable, to the point where they can be knocked down by a heavy wind.

Specialised Arbor, a tree-trimming specialist in the Canberra area, can help you to handle these problematic trees before they fall to the ground. We will determine whether or not your tree is salvageable and design a plan for trimming or felling the tree safely. With bigger trees, the process of trimming and dismantling the tree is often highly technical, requiring in-depth planning and state-of-the-art access equipment. At Specialised Arbor, we have both the experience and the equipment necessary to get up into the higher branches and boughs of your trees to do our work.

Don’t wait for a storm to knock a tree onto your home or business, or worse, onto a person. Call Specialised Arbor today and let our tree trimming service in Canberra go to work for you. You can reach us via telephone, on 0402 487 337. You can also learn more about our business on the web, at www.specialisedarbor.com.au.

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